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PSI Offers a Complete Inspection Package

Property Site Inspections offers the most comprehensive pre-purchase Edmonton home inspections in the area. All inspections include: plumbing systems, HVAC (Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning) systems, electrical systems, structural, exterior, insulation values, appliances, windows and doors, building envelope, and roofing.

Easy to Understand Reporting System

We have a standard of practise that is enforced by the Government of Alberta licensing. The advanced reporting system that we use is easy to understand, user friendly and has easy access to information related to deficiencies, as well as an estimated costs to correct deficiencies using industry standard rates. Clients love our reporting system and we continue to get positive feedback. We researched all reporting systems and we believe we have the best one.

No Time Limit for Our Inspections

PSI takes the time for you. We want you to be 100% satisfied that you have all the information needed, good and bad, so that you can make the right decisions. We don’t rush; we take the time to research components (for example, ensuring there are no recalls on the furnace) in the home. This is a huge part of our success. We truly believe the more you give the more you get back!

Here you can find a list of some of the inspections we handle:

Other Services We Provide

  • Commercial inspections
  • Condo inspection (we don’t just inspect the unit)
  • Sewer line inspections
  • 5 year plan reports
  • Inspections for insurance companies
  • Inspections for mortgage companies
  • Litigation expert witness
  • Building consultant
  • Renovation consultant
  • New home build consultant
  • New home warranty inspections
  • Consumer hotline building issues advice
  • Building Construction deficiency reports

Sewer Line Scope – What Is It & Why Get It?

A sewer line scope is a service that PSI recommends to all our clients who are purchasing a property. Inspectors cannot be certain of the condition of a sewer line, as the line is concealed under the concrete slab in the basement of the home. During the line scope, a camera is placed inside this line which runs through it until it reaches the city main (outside the property line). The sewer line is the responsibility of the homeowner until it reaches the city property.

During an inspection, PSI looks for any cracks, sags, dislodgments, roots, and, in the worst case, collapsed lines. We have seen issues in homes of all ages, so whether its new or old its highly recommended you have this done. This service, in our opinion, is a no brainer; if there are major issues with the line then replacement will be required and cost thousands of dollars. We wish every client used this service as future surprises have resulted in major expenses for home owners. Our advice to all clients is to find out everything possible about what you are buying.

For example, PSI worked an inspection where a cast iron sewer line was scoped. The line scope identified many holes, which resulted in the whole line needing to be replaced. The job cost approximately $15,000.00 from start to finish. We were asked to inspect the whole process to ensure the job was done right. The clients who were purchasing the home were so relieved that they had this service done as they were able to renegotiate $15,000 off of the purchase price to correct this major deficiency.

sewer line

This home’s sewer line was beyond repair and needed to be replaced. You can imagine the costs and headaches associated with this project.

Roots in pipe, needs auguring

Roots in the pipe – needs auguring.

Sample images from video camera line inspection


stages of tree roots in pipes

basement in the progress of sewer lines replaced

Here is an example: part of a basement in the process of having the sewer line replaced. This basement was scoped by PSI and major cracks were found in the cast iron pipe. Sewer waste was leaking under the pipe causing the concrete pad to heave and crack in several places. This job was completed in one month for just under $10,000. If the clients had not chosen to do the line scope, they would have never known about this problem and could have been stuck with a much larger bill in the future.

Large hole on the cast iron pipe

Here is a photo of a large hole on the cast iron pipe. This was taken on the job site from the previous picture.

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