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Go Independent – Why an Independent Inspector Is Your Best Choice

Buying a home? Do your homework first. Don’t make an offer on a home and then scramble to get an inspection, paying the lowest price. If you do, you could end up paying thousands and thousands later on.

Ask Questions

A home is an enormous purchase – possibly the most significant one you’ll make in your life. Don’t be afraid to ask your inspector for credentials and experience. Ask what services you’ll get for the price. Many lower-cost inspectors do what is called “on-site reporting,” which takes much less time to complete.

We’re More Thorough

At PSI, we don’t do on-site reporting – our report system is considered the best in the industry. Sure, we could do three or four more inspections a day if we just slapped together a quick report; but we believe that providing the best possible service to our client is most important. Our home inspections range from 4 to 8 hours on site, with a no time limit policy. Our report writing takes between 3 to 5 hours on average. Many factors dictate how long the inspection will take, such as age, the condition of the home, square footage, client questions, etc. No agent, or anyone, should be telling you how long the inspection should take. We don’t put a time limit on your inspection.

We’ll Answer Questions

In fact, inspectors from PSI are happy to answer your questions and to educate you during the inspection. After the inspection, on average we spend three to five hours preparing the report and letting you know what’s in it. We do the necessary research and investigations such as checking for furnace recalls and providing photos for all deficiencies noted.

List of Repair Services at No Charge

After the report is complete, we provide a copy to you and then call to discuss it. At PSI, we want you to understand everything in your home inspection report. We can even give you names of licensed trades-people in your area to do repairs – we offer these names at no additional charge.

We Go the Extra Mile

If you need further evaluation on something – for example, furnace servicing, sewer line cleaning, roofing issues – we can point you to the right person. We go the extra mile for you in hopes that you’ll pass our name on. After all, that’s how we have succeeded.

Go Independent – Why an Independent Inspector Is Your Best Choice

Some Facts About the Home Inspection Industry

In September 2011, the Alberta government made a decision to mandate licensing for the home inspection business. They created a list of credentials needed to be a home inspector.

After licensing took place in September 2011, many schools began offering home inspection courses – offering inspectors licensing in as little as one month. For more information, read Inspect4u’s FAQs.

One of their frequently asked questions concerns how an inspector finds work once they are ready to inspect. In the industry almost 95% of all home inspectors find work through real estate agents. This means that the inspector does not have to sell home inspections to the real estate agent; however, it does mean the inspector has to build a relationship with the agents.

Why Is Independent Better?

It’s a fact that home inspectors are finding work through real estate agents in the home inspection industry. And this is why you should only book independent inspectors!

Why would you need to build a relationship with a realtor? Home inspectors should be hired by you, the client looking to purchase the property in question, not by the real estate agent. These kinds of inspectors are being groomed to provide quickie inspections and reports.

PSI – An Independent Inspector

Property Site Inspections does not have any affiliations with real estate agents, and we only look out for our client’s best interests. We inspect properties as if we were the ones buying it; thoroughly and without time limits. The type of inspector you want is an inspector with over 10 years of experience, who is independent from realtors, and has taken a credible home inspection course from places like SAIT, NAIT, or Carson Dunlop.

Facts to Remember

Fact – it’s estimated 95% of inspectors get the majority of their business from the recommended realtor.

Fact – realtors run the inspection industry, not the inspectors.

PSI is not a realtor-recommended inspection company. Realtors call us when they want an inspection for themselves or a close friend or family member.

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